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คำค้น : Communicable Disease -- Phrae , Communicable Disease -- prevention and control , Non-Communicable Disease -- Phrae , Non-Comunicable Disease -- prevention and control , Phrae -- Communicable Disease , Phrae -- Non-Communicable Disease , การป้องกันและควบคุมโรค , โรคติดต่อ, การแพร่ระบาด
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Model for integration of communicable and non-communicable disease, Phrae provinceThe purpose of this study I to find out the way of integration the CD and NCD operation in Phrase by using the model evaluative research operated between March 1996 and May 1998. The integrated experiment was done by setting the work groups of prevention and disease control at the Phrase Provincial Health Office. The teamwork Matrix district administration was done at the districts of Muang District and Sungmen District by adjusting the organization with particular responsibilities. The conclusion of the study, In integrating the CD and NCD tasks there are possible differences according to the following activities Plans: Some of the plans could only be integrated, especially those of this high risks. The staff would analyze the situations of the disease and the causes of common factors which caused NCD and CD and slosh share this tasks of strategy determination, goals, objectives, operation styles and way of evaluation. 2) Organization: The three departments could not be concretely joined because each part has its own individual leader and administration. Thus the organization was managed in the form of a committee of provincial co-operation of prevention and disease control. The Matrix organization management is integrated between the management of department by function and that by division by using themerely shared plans or projects.Cooperation: At the horizontal provincial level of the internal cooperation. The staff would use health problems which involved the three parts to be destinations and co-operate in planning goals activities, budget, men, data and evaluation. For the external cooperation, the staff would use staff meeting, informal discussion, the provincial and district committee of prevention and disease control. For the vertical cooperation from province to district levels, official documents, notes and orders were used.Budget: It was difficult to integrate the budget because each department which was given its had indicated all details of activities. To solve this problem, there were actions of adjusting target groups, operationarea and time into the same way, but some tasks were possible, not all. The result integration could not budget, but increase activities and target groups and improve the operation of staff.Data: It could only be done with the data of high risk factors and epidemic which was accidentally integrated because of the CD disease characteristics of quick start, quick and absolute recovery but the slow and long life NCD disease 6) Activities: For instructions, several campaigns could be well integrated. For example, the Drunk Do Not Drive campaign was also accompanied with other campaigns such as AIDS, diarrhea, mental health which was well integrated in practice for life skills for people about right healthy behaviors. Thus, the Matrix Phrase Model of the CD and NCD integration worked effectively at a certain stage. If it has been developed to the integration of behavior adjustment, from community level to early detection, the treatment and capacity therapy in community under home health care, the clear result of model development will be obviously seen.

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