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Customer purchase transaction-behaviour model

หน่วยงาน Central Queensland University, Australia


ชื่อเรื่อง : Customer purchase transaction-behaviour model
นักวิจัย : Newby, Leonce. , Medhekar, Anita.
คำค้น : Marketing research , Marketing , Customer services. , Consumers , TBA. , 910209 Preference, Behaviour and Welfare. , 910403 Marketing. , 919999 Economic Framework not elsewhere classified. , 150503 Marketing Management (incl. Strategy and Customer Relations) , 150505 Marketing Research Methodology. , 159999 Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services not elsewhere classified. , Purchase transaction -- Customer behaviours
หน่วยงาน : Central Queensland University, Australia
ผู้ร่วมงาน : -
ปีพิมพ์ : 2553
อ้างอิง : http://hdl.cqu.edu.au/10018/54489
ที่มา : Newby, L & Medhekar, A 2010, 'Customer purchase transaction-behaviour model' in D King (ed) Proceedings of Intellectbase International Consortium- Volume 13 - International Handbook of Academic Research and Training. Las Vegas, NV – USA, December 16-18, 2010, pp. 64-81.
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ความสัมพันธ์ : International handbook of academic research and teaching, Vol. 13 : proceedings of Intellectbase International Consortium, Academic Conference, December 16-18 2010. Nashville, NV, TN 37208 – USA. : Intellectbase International Consortium, 2010. p. 64-81 18 pages Refereed 1940-1876 1940-1868 (online) , ACQUIRE [electronic resource] : Central Queensland University Institutional Repository.
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This conceptual paper draws on relevant consumer behaviour and economics literature to produce a Customer Purchase Transaction-behaviours Model that avoids the complexity of earlier purchase-decision models but includes significant behavioural antecedents of each of the three stages of the purchase transaction. Within the proposed model, there is a sequence of separable behavioural stages, input, process and output (Van de Ven 1992). The input stage occurs when the customer decides they have a need to purchase a product (purchase decision). The input stage precedes the process stage, during which the customer chooses between available products that satisfy their need (choice behaviour). After the customer has made a choice between alternative products the final, output, stage occurs when the customer’s product preference decision is manifested by their purchase behaviours (Schmidt and Spreng 1996).The primary purpose in proposing a holistic purchase transaction-behaviours model integrating cross-disciplinary research is to provide a theoretical input/process/output framework for research focusing on customer purchase transaction behaviours impacting on business profitability. Nine research propositions for empirical testing are provided in the paper. A key feature of the proposed model is the simplicity of the model. Research supported by this theoretically derived model will provide useful information for guiding practitioners’ decision making and promote marketers’ understanding of customer choice behaviours. The paper provides a contribution to present knowledge by combining existing literature and models into a new holistic model focusing on customer behaviours, the precursor to business success or failure.

บรรณานุกรม :
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