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The purpose of Quasi-experimental research was to examine the impact that a self-management program on physical fitness and quality of life among people with knee osteoarthritis. There were 40 subjects with osteoarthritic, 45-80 years old, divided equally into a control group and an experimental group and paired according to age, gender, body mass index and degree of pain. The participants in the experimental group were required to receive a self-management program which consisted of 20 group activities and 20 home-based activities. The participants in the control group were suggested to do their normal activities recommended for osteoarthritic patients. Data were collected using the the 6 minute walk test and WOMAC Score. The data were analysed using t-test statistics. The results found that For physical fitness: after finished program mean of percentage of 6 minute walk distance (experimental : = 460, SD = 84.18 , control : =384, SD = 75.90), mean Womac pain score ( experimental : = 7.75, SD= 3.09, control group : =10.80, SD = 4.30). The people with knee osteoarthritis received the self-management program had higher mean distance and lower Womac pain score than before receiving the program and had higher mean distance and lower Womac pain score than those in the control group, at the 0.05 level of significance. According to the study, this self-management program could be applied as part of health care for osteoarthritic patients or other musculoskeletal diseases, as the program increased their skills in managing health problems more efficiently, enhancing their physical function and relief pain related to better quality of life.

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