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Abd Razak, Dzulkifli
หน่วยงาน Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
# นักวิจัย ร่วมงาน
1 Razak, Dzulkifli Abd 17
# พ.ศ. จำนวน
1 2560 1
2 2554 14
3 2553 79
4 2552 78
5 2551 68
6 2550 48
7 2549 52
8 2548 61
9 2547 20
10 2546 12
11 2540 5
12 2539 13
13 2538 16
14 543 10
# หัวเรื่อง
ปี พ.ศ. 2560
1 Revolusi Industri ke-4‎: Di Mana Tempatnya Qalbu? (4th Industrial Revolution: Where Is the Place for Qalbu?)
ปี พ.ศ. 2554
2 MY SAY: Stop the nuclear roulette
3 The sport called politics
4 MY SAY: Reconstructing the Silk Road
5 Ranking - a running debate
6 Bridging intellect and character
7 MY SAY: The threat of managerialism in education
8 Human rights are not for sale
9 In the tradition of Andalusia
10 Facing up to issues
11 Europe's forgotten heritage
12 Interlocking with the past
13 Humaniversity: humanising the university
14 Impact, not impact factor
15 Between Nobel and Confucius
ปี พ.ศ. 2553
16 The worth of education
17 MY SAY: Let the truth be told
18 Let's transform education
19 MY SAY: Envisioning Asia 2060
20 Communicate from the heart
21 Celebrate diversity
22 MY SAY: End of the road for the Walkman
23 Humility rules!
24 Don't make the past history
25 MY SAY: Replacing foreign maids with local home managers
26 Return the soul to education
27 'Don't lose feel for the labour force'
28 Pendidikan: Mencari kebenaran
29 MY SAY: Lessons from the killing fields
30 Engage with the community
31 Transforming for a better future
32 MY SAY: Putting back the pieces for peace
33 Is Moscow better than Sydney?
34 Angkara kebebasan bersuara
35 Malaysia Day spirit
36 MY SAY: Healing the divisiveness of Sept 11
37 Kudos to (wo)men in blue
38 Forces of inertia
39 Merdeka Day reflections: Don't be swayed by manipulations of a few
40 MY SAY: Priming a third-generation Alliance
41 Reclaiming our hopes
42 The business of rankings
43 MY SAY: Keeping pace with bioethics
44 Uncovering Hiroshima in our midst
45 Rethink the education system
46 MY SAY: Working towards 2020 and beyond
47 The measure of quality education
48 Losing our minds to a machine
49 MY SAY: The World Cup - more than just soccer
50 Winning the education World Cup
51 Deschooling Society
52 The struggle for autonomy
53 Mencari 'roh' pendidikan
54 Death by `techtonic’ fault
55 MY SAY: Speaking out for the poor
56 Essence of values
57 Lessons from the past
58 MY SAY: Reprioritising innovation
59 Kaizen way to innovation
60 Freedom of poking fun
61 MY SAY: May 13 a lurking cancer cell
62 Are rankings relevant at all?
63 Muslihat penarafan IPT kini terbongkar
64 Applying NEM to Pulau Redang
65 MY SAY: The South Korean 'quickquick' miracle
66 No more universities, please!
67 Higher education key to achieving MDG
68 MY SAY: We don't know that we don't know
69 All eyes on Budak Koleq
70 White Coffin comes alive
71 MY SAY: R& D key to highincome and sustainable economy
72 League tables exposed
73 APEX and NEM find common ground
74 MY SAY: Accountable politicians needed
75 Reboot the world
76 Lessons from the Bologna decade
77 MY SAY: Goodbye, ‘Eyeraq’
78 Audit the auditing system
79 A blessing for humanity
80 MY SAY: Nurturing a KIP culture
81 Passion trumps instruction
82 The business of education
83 MY SAY: Of financial and education system failures
84 Setting sights on new horizons
85 Making sense of going global
86 MY SAY: Hypocrisy exposed in Haiti
87 Time to learn from the Saudis
88 APEX journey towards a sustainable future
89 MY SAY: The new economic model
90 'Let the wide world be our teacher'
91 The Year of Creativity and Innovation
92 Mari ‘Esakan’ 1Allah!
93 Come ‘Esakan’ 1Allah!
94 The last sprint
ปี พ.ศ. 2552
97 Beginning of the end?
98 MY SAY: Innovation through a larger network
99 Challenges of higher education
100 Innovation the way forward
101 Pemikiran Aminuddin Baki
102 MY SAY: What is life without 'potong'?
103 Time to WISE up
104 MY SAY: Will F1 go the way of foxhunting?
105 New thinking to create level playing field
106 'Gulag' mentality that is holding us back
107 MY SAY: Challenging the status quo
108 When all rankings do is rankle
109 MY SAY: Obama the gamechanger
110 Bencana penarafan universiti?
111 Disaster of university ranking
112 Climatic stalemate in Bangkok
113 MY SAY: The new champions
114 The 1Malaysia amongst us
115 Blaze new trails and transform
116 Overhaul dan 'revolusi pendidikan'
117 To overhaul or revolutionise IPT?
118 MY SAY: Treat maids with respect and dignity
119 Craving freedom, we become slaves
120 Whose is it anyway?
121 MY SAY: What waste in a hungry world
122 The Olympians among us
123 Know your history. know it well
124 MY SAY: Unlocking the 'middle-income trap'
125 The rare gem that is Armstrong
126 Stop being 'clever', just be smart
127 MY SAY: The myth about going green
128 The same explosive attitude again
129 The changing paths of progress
130 MY SAY: Time to go green
131 Allow our children their childhood
132 Let's take a giant leap with rocket science
133 MY SAY: The harsh world of innovation
134 Agent of change needs a revolution
135 Teacher training colleges in wrong 'place'
136 MY SAY: Why is unity so hard to forge?
137 Think deeply about the future
138 Education and Millennium Goals
139 MY SAY: Need to balance KPI
140 Focusing on six action areas
141 What's in a number, really?
142 MY SAY: Of flying pigs and human error
143 When people come last
144 Learning, unlearning and relearning
145 MY SAY: Embracing commercial Islam
146 The many faces of 'one'
147 Shackles on education revamp
148 MY SAY: Of junk food, obesity and climate change
149 Flu bug provides unhealthy lesson
150 Coming together for tomorrow
151 MY SAY: New world order, G20-style
152 Squandering 'green' opportunities
153 MY SAY: AIG and harakiri
154 Where orang utans see us in cages
155 We can make a difference to Earth
156 MY SAY: The Nokia way out of depression
157 The prophet has shown the way
158 Inconsistent, insensitive translations of 'Allah'
159 MY SAY: The making of ‘bottom millionaires’
160 Stop this political circus, we don’t need the clowns
161 MY SAY: Darwin's economic legacy
162 Dousing the flames of hatred
163 The eight froggy lessons
164 MY SAY: The politics of karma
165 Returning our education to learning
166 Will Obama really rise to the occasion?
167 MY SAY: Governance with soul
168 Audacity of hope for higher education
169 Shoe-ing out the president
170 MY SAY: CSR - corruptible social responsibility?
171 Merdeka Award gives us the heroes we need
172 Wouldn't you rather be happy than be rich?
ปี พ.ศ. 2551
173 MY SAY: 'Flopping' for the new year
174 Oh, the treasured memories at the reunions
175 Autonomy in universities comes with accountability
176 MY SAY: Ketuanan is about guardianship
177 Is it democracy or 'democrazy'?
178 Looking into the important issues
179 MY SAY: Consider the Islamic financial option
180 Water is life, guard it well
181 Creating blue oceans for the future
182 MY SAY: Neuroeconomics, anyone?
183 American first before anything else
184 Pulling through the Apex panel, bruised 'n battered
185 MY SAY: Innovators, imitators and idiots
186 Free spirit of inquiry is cornerstone of a varsity
187 Manager@Work: Growing the university of the future
188 We must not despair in our search for goodness
189 MY SAY: When will racial demagoguery end?
190 Better for us to be food sufficient
191 We should learn from lessons learnt
192 MY SAY: The brave new world
193 Politics of dog food and moral virtues
194 Milk scandal could have been avoided with Olympic ideals
195 MY SAY: Think of others, please
196 Korean want to share their knowledge
197 Ivy league universities facing tough competition
198 MY SAY: How to create an enlightened society
199 Think with the head and act with the 'heart'
200 Working on freedom from want
201 MY SAY: To dialogue or not to dialogue?
202 Technology has effect on human endurance
203 Dealing with the prejudices towards Islam
204 MY SAY: Of Peking duck and the burqa
205 Irony of Blair's rule of law
206 Keeping a tight leash on education
207 MY SAY: The true meaning of heritage
208 No more BosniaHerzegovinas
209 Varsities must be drivers of innovation and progress
210 MY SAY: Soft power leadership
211 130 million years of Belum, let's keep it around longer
212 Learning the lessons of life well to succeed
213 Nation building through the corps
214 Time to bring about innovation
215 $2.30 African and the $2.20 EU cow
216 Tobacco companies legally licensed to kill
217 Hard lesson from a lost island
218 Listen, nature is talking to us
219 Language is the soul of our nation
220 10,000 deaths that go annoticed every year
221 Towards 'purifying' the understanding of Allah
222 An Earth increasingly full of uncertainties
223 Really, health is but just a business
224 'Warga emas' enrich classes at varsity
225 'Fitna' is surely trash
226 The Net has everything, but can it be trusted?
227 No need to rewrite education blueprint
228 Let parliament be one of reconciliation
229 Increasingly lonely Peranakan
230 The next greatest engineering challenge
231 We are 'Truly Asia' indeed
232 Now Davos draws the scholars, too
233 The tales they tell about Year of Rat
234 Truly Malaysia! And Sept 16 will say it all
235 A friend to the Sherpas till the end
236 We need scientific minds as role models for youth
237 Don't repeat mistakes of past year
238 A time for making sacrifices
239 She stooped to conquer space
240 Wanted: Scientists with human touch
ปี พ.ศ. 2550
241 Reinventing with the 3 Cs
242 Boomtown India creating greater divide between the rich and poor
243 Conrad put Asia on the world map
244 Stark reality: It's 'worse', not 'bad'
245 Celebrating Deepavali helps to strengthen racial ties
246 Of being a Malay
247 Empire of the minds
248 'Amateur" pros giving country a bad name
249 A giant step for Malaysia towards Vision 2020
250 Towering spiritual and literary figure
251 Angkasawan lifting Malaysian dreams
252 Anita Roddick - a tough act to follow
253 Fast well to get maximum benefits
254 Shaping our varsities into icons
255 Symbols that unite command respect
256 Proud to call this land home
257 Let's take it beyond the book
258 Cut the red tape for R&D funding
259 Cut the red tape for R&D funding
260 Wonder what else is wonderful
261 Revisiting 'lazy native' myth
262 No room for 'green imperialism'
263 Live Earth artistes leave hefty carbon footprint
264 Malaysia a case study in unity
265 Hate mob clearly can't think
266 Ideas can bring new wonders
267 Don't forget the old
268 Developing nations paying for the sin of the rich
269 Education is soul deep
270 Women are the mothers of the world
271 We're one big family
272 Where we do stand on integrity?
273 Young minds, young wonders
274 Service with - a smile if possible
275 Our mother, our paradise
276 Autonomy new catchword in education system
277 Dawn of a new era
278 Stuck in a Quagmire
279 Ban or no, let's keep a lid on the other 'silent killer'
280 There's more to money! GET A LIFE
281 You don't need a lottery to do your duty
282 Scars that won't go way
283 Learn to be nice
284 The towering intellectual
285 'Axis of evil' haunts Bush
286 Banking on the poor
287 A flawed trial
288 Speak the language of tolerance
ปี พ.ศ. 2549
289 Trapped by poverty, war, pestilence and disaster
290 Trapped by poverty, war, pestilence and disaster
291 Get rid of ‘dis’ syndrome
292 Development without the tears
293 The royal touch made the difference
294 'Mat' this and 'Mat' that
295 Just pay and you can get your certificate
296 Blind to their doings till the end
297 Notts rallies them from all over Britain
298 Unlike road deaths, smoking kills silently
299 Making a fast buck, by hook or by crook
300 Troublesome kiasu affair
301 The true meaning of jihad
302 Defend our men in blue
303 AlAndalus, a shining example
304 Farewell to the iconic 'libraries
305 Did the US stage a lie on 9/11?
306 An intellectual par excellence
307 Language, the soul of the nation
308 The 'unimaginable' chaos continues
309 Madness at the ‘gates of hell’
310 Want to be happy? Head for Vanuatu
311 Learning does not end in the lecture hall
312 AsiaEU-study link stillnot binding
313 Game made in heaven and hell
314 Curing the highcost-syndrome
315 Save our planet for the next generation
316 Environment crucial to human security
317 So sad but the tobacco boys are...laughing all the way to the bank
318 Bigfoot, Cyclops, Yeti or just hype?
319 Anger and inequality breeding ‘terrorists’
320 Walk the talk? It's mission impossible
321 The dumb side to dumpsites
322 Going nuclear? Think again
323 The tie is old hat
324 Varsities must fuel global demands
325 Putting the all important values back into human capital
326 Now you can plagiarise anything from the Net
327 Thou shalt not kill
328 Guess who is praying?
329 Can we win the fight?
330 Are we 'buta sejarah'?
331 Freedom of expression ... and its impact on the public
332 Research - It’s not what it used to be
333 A pretty tale of Ma and the maiden
334 Climbing up the greens rankings
335 Bad year ahead?
336 Putting Islam Hadhari into practice
337 Haj - A mission of peace
338 'I was blinded by work'
339 The lost generation
340 Management guru and philosopher
ปี พ.ศ. 2548
341 Beware the drink trap
342 Fighting for peace
343 When ear squats were fun
344 Brain drain: Let's value, celebrate our talents
345 Brains vs industrial brawn
346 Changing landscape of border higher
347 Avian flu & profit margins
348 What a shame!
349 Big C: Taking the fight beyond drugs
350 The 4Rs of harmonious living
351 Steward of resources
352 Leaving behind their legacies
353 Hypocrisies blown away
354 Bureaucracy in education
355 Biotech fast forward
356 Admiral, explorer, diplomat
357 Up in smoke
358 Think out of the box
359 The wrath of God?
360 Attend to R&D woes at varsities
361 Smoky and hazy
362 Time for education on sustainable development
363 Power of kongsi Merdeka
364 Saving lives through concerts
365 Beyond straight A's
366 Reaping what they sow
367 When education becomes business
368 Andalusia — the Golden Age’s shining example
369 Fostering a cosmopolitan scholarly culture
370 Time won't heal
371 Transmitting knowledge a duty
372 Quest for knowledge
373 Don't betray future generations
374 Golden age of learning
375 New realities, new goals
376 Knowledge is the key
377 It's no party with these
378 Taiwan's lessons for our industries
379 No to religious intolerance
380 Stop Tobacco Circus
381 Lessons to be learnt from Harizal's case
382 Time for 'software'
383 Making biotech a driving force
384 For the sake of agro-workers
385 No smoke, no need to destroy 'ketum' tree
386 Sometimes, it doesn't figure
387 Dying can be complicated
388 F1 starts to choke off big tobacco
389 Happy 100th anniversary MCKK
390 Of being doctors and mercenaries
391 Let's celebrate Nur Amalina's success
392 A hill of light is sadly dimmed
393 Moving beyond mere exams to build up character
394 Malcolm X champion of equal rights
395 Stop the 'Asian tobacco connection'
396 Towering search for elusive towering figures
397 Protect 'our only home'
398 Promoting a civil public service
399 Titan to Earth: We have touchdown
400 Nature's early warning system can serve us well
401 Attend to other water woes, too
ปี พ.ศ. 2547
402 Bhopal a grim reminder for the world
403 Industrial hygiene, safety still wanting
404 Relearn how to make and keep friendships the way children do
405 How many more deaths before they leave Iraq?
406 New phrase in medical lexicon
407 Suicide a growing problem
408 Tumour markers help detect cancer
409 Nailing the tobacco coffin
410 Safety council will safeguard health of patients, avert medical errors
411 A true Malaysian
412 Recognised the abilities of differently-abled persons
413 Being doctors and something more
414 No quick fix in sight over shortage of government doctors
415 It's about minds, not marks
416 Thank you, teachers, for your selfless contributions to nation
417 Road safety is very much a public health concern
418 Society needs to take lead in fight against school violence
419 Walls come tumbling down but not in Palestine
420 It's time to cast your vote for the thinking Yang Berhormat
421 Give farmland a boost but keep our natural heritage intact
ปี พ.ศ. 2546
422 Getting to the bottom of ageing
423 A second Vietnam War for America?
424 Staying competitive by using R&D to increase productivity
425 Learning from Cuban avidity
426 PM: S&T important to ummah
427 Scientific prowess
428 Guevara's legacy
429 Cuban passion for science and humanity
430 A fitting farewell gift for Dr Mahathir as we soar into space
431 Let's prevent repeat of use of WMD as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
432 Reproductive technology set to grow further
433 Out of the Box
ปี พ.ศ. 2540
434 Toxic pesticide in cigarettes
435 A global potpourri of poisons
436 The poison diary of 1996 part - III
437 The poison diary of 1996 part - II
438 The poison diary of 1996 part - 1
ปี พ.ศ. 2539
439 Narcotic Abuse: Effects and Treatment
440 Tobaccolympics: Faster, higher, stronger and even smokier...
441 More On Stimulant Drugs In Sports
442 Dangerous Amphetamines
443 The Abuse Of Anabolic Steroids
444 The Race For Glory
445 An ecstatic assault?
446 he cholera outbreak getting - back to the basics?
447 moking out tobacco use from sports
448 Poison information and education at your finger tips
449 THE POISON DIARY OF 1995 Part - 3
450 THE POISON DIARY OF 1995 Part - 2
451 HE POISON DIARY OF 1995 Part - 1
ปี พ.ศ. 2538
452 Why poison your baby?
453 Stop Abusing the Unborn
454 Germ Warfare and the Zero-Sum Game
455 Beneath the deadly nuclear clouds
456 The curse of Enola Gay
457 Toxic chemicals used in wars
458 What's Your Brand of Poison?
459 Antidote For Smoking
460 Breaking Away from the 'POISONOUS' Habit
461 Poisonous Substances in Cigarette Tobacco
462 Smoking - Self-inflicted poisoning
463 The Host Factor: Understanding Childhood Poisoning
464 PRN and You
465 The roles and functions of PRN
466 Campaign Against Poisoning
467 A Brief History of Poisons
ปี พ.ศ. ไม่ระบุ
468 Memories of Hiroshima
469 MY SAY: Making work experience and training count
470 MY SAY: No Time to monkey around with R&D
471 Who are ‘Paraiyars’, really?
472 Time for Majlis Profesor Negara to step in
473 MY SAY: The economic of rubber genome research
474 Matters of the heart
475 Rencana: Jangan biar ayam di kepuk mati kelaparan
476 MY SAY: Whither the Hippocratic oath?
477 Use Mexico as a model